I have an Antique intaglio press—value question

I have a lovely A.R. King Manufacturer, Kingston, New York cast iron etching press, circa 1910 or so in working condition, solid cast iron with 14” x 19” press bed and star-wheel. I want to sell it and wonder what it is worth.

Please email [email protected] if you have any idea of its value. Hope this picture can open!

image: A. R. King Press.jpg

A. R. King Press.jpg

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<2,000 dollars in the hands of a printmaker who would use it; possibly >3,000 if you found a collector who really wanted it, but if your goal is to put it somewhere it will be used- I suggest listing it for sale on either BriarPress, or Inkteraction.ning.com and stating “2,500 Or Best Offer”. You’ll also want to take detailed pictures of the upper and lower rollers and the bed- the condition of these parts will help determine the press’s value to an end user.

Another question/note: Is this a half-roller press? In other words, is the roller cut in half so that it will print a small plate and allow one to return the bed? That is a neat feature, but rather undermines the value a bit because if so, it’s designed to put a little less pressure than your regular etching press, and works with a smaller form that won’t take up the whole bed.

you should post pics of the upper roller.