Heidelberg doesn’t stop

My platen doesn’t instantly stop when I release the clutch. It just slows down to a stop, and travels further when opening that closing. Not a huge problem but is this normal? Am I being picky? Does something need tightening?

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Sounds like you need to adjust the clutch.


Is this quite simple?

Clutch requires adjustment . Not difficult need a screwdriver and a spanner .Illustration of components page fourty of parts manual . dont make setting so tight she takes off like a racehorse or you will risk getting hurt. These clutches have to have a dead spot .

Another thing you may have to be careful of is not over oiling the clutch only keep the little pad wet you dont overflow it everyday !

Are you able to wind your platen backwards by any chance ?

I cant check until tomorrow. What would this mean?

The machine will only go backward if the anti reverse pawl was not engaging , usually because the sludge gets spilled on it when the tray is removed this pawll is that which you would normally lift to undo a platen jam , you may have some scratching and scraping to do behind the flywheel .

You want the machine to stop definately and not creep when the drive is disengaged , it is most undesirable that once stopped the platen freewheels backward , it damages the gripper assembly as the cams have high backs .

You need to run a small amount of type wash or blanket wash into the cone of the brake to get the excess oil removed. The cone is visible just to the inside of the oil cover when the press is running. Put a little on the exposed metal of the cone and stop the press. Repeat un til the press stops quickly.

Line gauge,
Right track wrong fix , this is the slipping fix not the overrun fix , had me thinking for a minute ,removing the oil will make it grippy and his clutch is already set too tight if he is not getting a solid stop action .
Having said that it would be prudent to dry it out before adjusting the clutch afresh .

Problem sorted, thanks everyone, especially linegauge..

I just squirted some washup on the ‘cone’ and it worked perfetcly again instantly.

lesson learnt, don’t oil my heidelberg again ;-)

penguin. !!!
You need to oil the old girl just dont flood it in it !!!

Hi, I know this is an old post but I am trying to figure out the problem with my press as the clutch is slipping. Before I tighten it I would like to know where the “cone” is located so that I can try to apply the blanket wash. I’m not sure if line gauge means the back oil cover or the small red cover. Does anyone have any pics to show, I would appreciate it. Thanks :)