Platen adjustment on C&P 10x15.

Three questions: 1) there are 2 nuts on each of the 4 adjusting pins under the platen. One is the adjusting nut and the other is the locking nut; which is which? 2) Using the “type on a string” method, how much clearance should there be, and do I check with impression on or off? 3) What thickness of steel should I use for a die cutting jacket. And should I have to put packing behind the jacket? Thanks for your help. Tom

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the lock nut is the one closest to you, you must loosen this before making your adjustment, type on a string method??? i’ve only been doing this for 51 years and this is the first time i’ve heard of this. To adjust your platen you should lock a piece of type around 48 points in each corner of your chase, then pull an impression, you can do this with or without ink, make sure you have a normal packing on the press,make only slight adjustments until all four corners are hitting even. i use my 10x15 c&p for small die cutting jobs, i try not to cut too big of an area, for cutting i tape a die cutting rule flat on the top sheet, if its not big enough i’ll but another up against the first, this works well and you can still add or remove sheets from your packing.

The way I’d explain it is that the lock nut is the one furthest from the platen. The adjustment isn’t a separate nut, it is an integral part of the impression bolt, in its center.