Bull gear guard

Hi there, I have just received an OS 10x15 C&P (yay!) and was wondering how to get/make a bull gear guard? There is nothing on it at the moment and its a bit scary! Any images or resources would be much appreciated.

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davina farinola, what do you mean by “bull gear”?

The big gear on your right near the feeder board (I think it’s call the bull gear but I could be wrong…. The big one at any rate!

i knew a man who went to a machine shop and had a guard made for his gear. Some presses have them and some don’t, i think the 10x15 i have now doesn’t have a guard over that gear, try some of the machinery dealers, like Don Black, Letterpress Things, there is someone who has platen press parts (Dave Churchman, i think). With your feed board right over the gear you don’t see the gear, i know what you mean, a guard will make you feel safer.

Thanks for that! I was thinking of getting one made up. but will research those place first.

If you make a gear guard, make certain there are no places that fingers or clothing can get into the gear at the edges of the guard. A slight space can be as much danger as the gear unguarded.

I made a guard out of wood, and mounted it to my delivery table.

image: 4962362584_b1b3a01797.jpg


Awesome advice thank you!