BP - Chandler and Price Pilot laser engraved feedboards

Hi All-

Time for a blatant plug, but I’m really proud of these. 8-) I’ve been working on these for several months and I’m ready to show these off and make them available.

I redesigned the feedboard that came with a Chandler and Price Pilot to be beefier and more sturdy, as well as adding some nice flourishes. I took an older Chandler logo and cleaned it up, then added some new decoration to punch it up a bit.

Then I contoured the feedboard to work with and flow with the new logo. I buddied up with a local business to have the laser engraving done. After some trial and error, it turned out better than I could have imagined. The engraving is about a millimeter deep, so there’s some nice tactile feedback there. The laser process darkens the inside of the logo a little bit, which is just perfect…no paint or stains needed.

Here’s the listing:


These will be available made to order right now for the Pilots, then in greater volume later this year. I’m hoping to design a larger one for floor standing Chandlers too.

Thanks for looking in!

image: Feedboard_02.JPG


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I am looking for a laser, what brand do you use?

Hi Pilgrim-

I use an Epilog for these. But I am sort of curious about the ones you can get on eBay. Seems like with a little effort you can get a working laser cutter for a fraction of the price.

These are beautiful.

Lovely work, but I would be concerned with the general shop grime that would build up in the logo, and catching the corners of sheets while trying to feed. It seems to me that it would be better placed on the vertical part of the feed-board rather than the deck.


I would finish the wood with toung oil or laquor to protect it and keep the wood from deteriorating and splitting. Your products looks great though…

Yes so am I, I would like to see someone buy a cheap laser and show me some unbiased results

woweber - I finish these with Waterlox, which is an amazing protector. It’s a mix of tung oil and some other goodies. I’ve used it to finish everything for years and have always been impressed by it’s durability.
Check it out here… http://www.waterlox.com/