Ink fountain not turning on windmill

I’m using the ink fountain on my windmill for the first time and when I put on the impression lever, the fountain wheel is not turning. The ink ductor roller goes back and forth but the fountain roller never spins. I’ve tried 1-8 and nothing. Any ideas?

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Can you turn it using the hand wheel?

Yes. Turns with hand wheel fine.

Is the ratchet operating ,it shouldbe visibly rocking backward and forward and when you select a metering figure on the scale on the left you should be able to see the pawl drop into the drive gear just before it moves toward the rear of the machine . Is the pawl complete with all the parts in the spares book section H pp62 and 63 is the long linkage T0808 present . A close study of the parts and a bit of scrutiny of the rocking motion you will see if the pawl is dropping or getting stuck , is the pressure spring there it sits on the top of the of partH13 ? Is the pawl dropping but so worn that it wont locate the teeth on the gear ,although this pawl always was a bit poor having little enough “grip” in the first place .

Thx for the detailed response Peter. Come to find out, it’s operator error.

I didn’t realize that I had to unlock my roller arms for the ink fountain to turn. Finding part 808 made this very clear.

Thx again.

No problem , it passes the time , confirms that my memory still works and solves your troubles all at the same time !!

Peter, was this from memory or did you have to look it up???

I dont have a operators hand book it was loaned out and never returned so i had to get the part no off the press then go to the parts book to get the page number so he would know what bit to watch . In truth no my memory is not that good but i usually only go to the book for numbers !!

Peter is being modest, he knows his Heidelberg Platen better than most of us know the palms of our own hands.

I had the benefit of an afternoons tuition on the Heidelberg Platen from Peter last month which solved a lot of mysteries, explained what lots of anonymous parts did as well as some vital safety tips.

He has also helped me acquire several parts for my own Helidelberg that I was struggling to find.

He should run a Heidelberg Platen users helpline…but if you ring it don’t call it a ‘Windmill’ for goodness sake ;-)

Hi nick ,
I hope the frostbite has recovered, Hopefully you will be passing in better weather in the future . For the people who are reading this ,this poor chap was shivering in an air tempetature barely above freezing and i forgot half of what i intended to show him ! oh and the lighting was poor as the machine was not beneath the light as it never gets rolled into the same place twice ! I have a tendency to take the machine to the job as opposed to the normal practise !

Nick, i read all Peters posts, you can tell he really knows his stuff, not just Heidleburgs (note, i didn’t call them windmills) he has been great sharing his knowledge on this site, he is very appreciated by all, i wrote that post just to rattle his cage.


Having a laugh , It is you are !!