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I should’ve stop reading after the first paragraph. First, people need to proof read what they write on here. Grammar is becoming horribly abused in some threads… and now we have people posting celebrity gossip, that has nothing to do with the letterpress industry. Save yourself

Spammers have gotten into BriarPress twice recently. What is surprising is that they don’t get in more often, and that is because the list owners put in a lot of effort. Mostly unrecognized, but here is a Thank You for all of that work.
Vanderblog was under attack recently, and there are many yahoo and google groups that have been taken over completely by spammers and abandoned by interested users.

parallel_imp - Thank you for your kind words about the list owners. We do spend a lot of personal time trying to attend to these matters. However, with now over 63,000 registered members we are not able to spot all the spam, so I must thank you in return, and other Briar Press members for alerting us to site abuse. We might not have noticed this post without the prompt notice of our members.

I sincerely thank the members of this community for keeping topics on focus and for alerting us to spam.

For more information on how to contact us with site abuse, see How to report spam and other sections of the Help pages.