One-up Business Cards on Windmill

I’m fairly new to operating a Windmill and am currently trying to get a good setup down for printing business cards one-up (with crop-mark - will cut down to size after printing).

Specifically, how to setup my guides to accommodate the smaller piece of stock being fed and successfully utilize lay/guide pins to keep the stock from falling down past the guides.

I’ve spend a lot of time fiddling with a few different setups that utilize multiple guides etc. I just want to know if there is a “correct” way of setting this up.

Is anybody willing to explain to me how their setup works. Perhaps some pictures of the lay bar?

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i run business cards to size all the time. you need the extended finger to get your side finger down lower, then with that in place you need cheaters on the feed pile to pull the stock out of the gripper, i mostly use the brass gauge pins (don’t like the nickel ones).


I’m not running them to size - I’m still printing them with crop marks, so my paper size is around 4.5” x 3”. Not sure if I’ll still need that side finger down lower?

I have experimenting with using a guide on the far right side of the lay bar - to the right of the lay bar adjustment screw and another to the left in the normal spot.

I don’t have any problem with feeding paper though, so I’m not sure I’ll need the cheaters you’ve mentioned either? Not sure what those are?

As dick says you need the extended side lay part no To278f
you may need the grip reducers or stick some 6pt leads to the feed board to reduce the amount of paper held by the grippers , put one brass lay to the right of the lay adjuster on the right side of the headlay and one immediately to the left of the adjuster , at that point you should have no trouble but do be careful of your pin not hitting the type matter .

If you feel the sheet is big enough to do without to278f then you wont need to reduce the grip so you wont then need to stick leads to your feed board , one trick that you may need is to lay a strip of double sided tape on the right most brass lay ,remve the backing waxpaper and it will make the surface of the lay grippy allowing the lay to push the sheet across the platen efficiently as a small sheet sometimes slips and does not make the side lay so well.
Have you not considered running a sheet twice or four times the size and work and turn and tumble the job ?

Thanks Peter!

I’ll give the double sided tape tip a try!

Also, no, I haven’t even thought about printing on a larger sheet, turning it, and feeding it back through the press. That’s a great idea! I’ll give that a go as well.

English translation note ;
Feedboard being the upright that has front springs and blowers in the top.
Feedtable being the the bit on which your paper is stacked and raises with the pile .

If you get marks from the pile sensor pressing on the wet job ,stick a piece of split hosepipe on the sensor bar away from the wet area and adjust your pile height lever to compensate ,its what we call a wet on wet printers trick , from the days when we did not have time to wait for ink to dry between runs .
Do check that when you turn the sheet over to print the opposing corners that 1 you dont have a crop mark spilling onto the back of another image and 2 that you have the sheet loaded the right way and you dont print on the back of your first side print
May seem a bit condescending but i have done it !!!

ah , eventually Peter mentioned what the hosepipe was for..thanks.!