Miehle rollers

Am in the process of purchaasing a vertical miehle. In recent years it has been used for diecutting and the soft rollers were dumped
I would like to use it for printing and am wondering whether to see if I can pick up another machine for parts (or for printing) or whether to purchase new soft rollers.
My problem is how many soft rollers does it have.
Have looked at the manual (online) but it is hard to follow.
I am in Australia and freight from the USA is a bit on the high side

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Hello, there are five 2” diameter rubber rollers. Two are form rollers and should be in good condition. There are two distributor rollers (included in the five total) these two as well the one ductor roller could be of lessor quality since they do not come in contact with the type form. If your press is a V50X (the latest model made) then there are four 2” rollers and one 1 3/4” diam. rollers. Great presses, you are going to love it once you learn it!, Carl.

Thanks Carl for your nquick response. With that many rollers I will look around for an additional machine that is hopefully not too far away.
Shifting them is the biggest factor to consider with all that weight

The inking rollers can be removed from the press rather easily, and if the press still has the ductor roller for the ink fountain, that roller can be disengaged without removing it. A second machine is a good idea for spare parts but not required to change from inking to diecutting or scoring. A bigger problem is finding a loose ink fountain if it has been removed from the press. Rollers are easily obtained in the U.S., perhaps more difficult in Australia.

Hi Fritz
The inking system is there just not the in terms of soft rollers
While I have a use for the diecutting and scoring (Book cover scoring for perfect binding) when I first heard it was available I thought mainly in terms of numbering and perforating and printing odd jobs. A bit limited without the inking system.
I have also bought a small offset for envelopes and intend to run polymer plates on it. Have used a lot of small offset and detest the dampening systems.
Like the idea of using letterpress in general so will pick up another vertical if I can locate one
Have used a heidelberg for foiling and really liked it for its spot on registration and ease of use though not for the foiling set up nor 2 gripper margins.
Like the idea of better ink coverage with a cylinder
Can’t see how I could run foiling on a vertical. Seems to be too many parts whizzing around