Nonpareil #23 Pricing Advice

Found a Nonpareil #23 at an antique mall today. It is in pretty decent shape. The original decorative painting is intact and it moves pretty fluidly. The rollers look newer, maybe homemade?, but functional. There is no chase. They are asking $395. Is this fair? Any thoughts on finding a chase?

I included a sucky cell phone photo for reference, for what good it’s worth.

image: IMG_1934.jpg


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Upon closer comparison, it looks maybe more like a #22.

chases are hard to find but you can make one out of wood, i’ve made a few out of the plywood they make cutting dies out of.

Yeah, I have a pretty well-stocked woodshop and some good hardwoods on hand, so that’s kinda what I was thinking. I’m more concerned about the price since I’m kinda cheap.


A nice steel chase could be made by your local machinist. A wooden chase is really a waste of good wood, especially for such a small press. It is really handy to have a good working relationship with your local machinist. I have had repairs and parts made more times than I can count, and was always very satisfied with the work (most machinists find that working on printing things is more interesting than run of the mill work), and the price.


Thanks, Paul! I’ll definitely look into that option.

In comparison to the prices one sees for little kelsey presses on eBay, the price seems pretty good. It looks quite complete, including rollers and trucks. Of course the rollers may need recovering for use, but all-in-all, If you need a small press like that, it looks like a pretty fair buy.

John Henry

if you end up buying this could you send me the specs on the ink frame connection? i have this press without that piece and i need to get that machined

Thanks, John! I think I’m going to lowball the offer and see what happens, but I’d probably pay asking price if it comes down to it.

dmendivil13, will do.


thank you so much Rachel. I have been looking for this piece for a very long time.


I’m just wondering if you ever got this press? if so, i am still looking for the specs on the ink frame connection. my email is [email protected]