Uuggh! Ink transfer on stacked cards!

I just printed a run of two different cards, using the same color (a mixed pink). As usual, after impression I pull my card out and rest it on the delivery board in front of me, creating a stack. I do it the same way every time and never have an issue.

Well today I have an issue. I have 100 cards with ink transfer on the inside. Why did this happen? How can I avoid it? Is there any magical way to repair it?

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Don’t over ink the Form
Add slip sheeting between the prints

Any clue why this would just start happening today after hundreds of print runs with the exact same set-up?

megahurt, your set-off or offset is operator error.
Do you have heavy coverage? Did you squize the stack?
Trouble shoot the origins of the set-off and go from there.

best james

I cleaned up and kept printing after that with no problems. I guess I must have just had too much ink on there.