video/photos for disassembling a Reliance?

Hi all,

I’m looking for any photo or video documentation for disassembling a Washington-Style Reliance (or similar) press. I am fortunate to have verbal advice and sketches from friends who have moved similar presses before, but I wonder if the internet has a more colorful or cinematic description of the process.

In the event that no such photos/videos exist, I’ll plan on recording my own process and linking it here.


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You might search on Briar Press for my PowerPoint about moving an iron hand press. It is of the move of an older Hoe Washington but the principle is the same. Depending on the model of your Reliance you may be able to disassemble the staple, but otherwise it’s the same process.


Where are you and where are you getting the press? It should be recorded in the North American Hand Press Database if you’re in North America somewhere. Please contact me about it.