Looking for someone to restore our C&P

I’m hoping that someone in the Vancouver BC area (or anywhere in the Lower Mainland) would be able to help us restore our C&P letterpress. We acquired this machine a year ago and haven’t had time to get it cleaned and up and running and it’s a little overwhelming for someone who hasn’t run a press before. We have several foil stamping machines, but this is a best compared to those and obviously totally different.
If someone in the area would be interested please let me know your fee. The machine is in very good shape and was operational until a couple of years ago and since then has been sitting in a warehouse.

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C&P made a few different models. Which one do you have?

Good question - I believe it’s a 15x18 press? I’m not sure of the model number. I can’t seem to find it on the press.

Measure the inside of the chase - sounds like a 12 x 18.

That’s it. I feel like a dummy - it’s a 12x18.