Miehle Manual

I picked up the Miehle Instruction Book for the Operation and Care of the Vertical Press this morning at the Flea Market. Very cool original with airbrushed halftone images.
I’ll be glad to mail it to some one who could use it. Email your address - first person can have it.

image: MiehleMan.jpg


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It might be a good idea to digitalize it so more people could benefit in the future.
Very cool find, thanks for your generosity.

enriquevw - yes, good suggestion. I’ll do that before I pass it on.

I’d love to have a copy via mail or email..glad to reimburse postage.

Mike Buffington
33 Lee Street
Jefferson GA 30549

[email protected]

Looks like it’s yours, Mike.
I’ll scan it for posterity & then mail it out to you.

Love to have a copy.