Raleigh Cursive Unidentified Character

This is Raleigh Cursive 12 pt caps. First, can someone please help me identify the character between the ? and the Z on the lower line? Also, does anyone know where to get this typeface in 12pt LC or any other size or case? Thanks - Neil

image: Raleight Cursive 12 pt Caps copy.jpg

Raleight Cursive 12 pt Caps copy.jpg

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According to this http://www.identifont.com/show?JFI (I know it says Redwood but it’s a rip off of Raleigh) it’s your T. The T you ave after the s would be from a different face I think.

Another image http://luc.devroye.org/fonts-42391.html

The T after the S is correct and not wrong font, and the other one between the ? and Z is an alternate.
Two cap T’s with Raleigh Cursive.
Alternate R’s, as well.

Sorry Neil, don’t know of a current source available. Yours is likely ATF #531 type, so you’d have to check with those who deal in used type or maybe someone willing to sell it here.
Apparently never cast in Monotype from what I can glean from McGrew’s book.
I have it in 12 & 24 pt. but not ready to part with it just yet.
The 24 pt. is on an angled body.

image: Raleigh Cursive.jpg

Raleigh Cursive.jpg

By chance I happen to have a scan of a specimen page of Raleigh Cursive (and Initials) online at:


It’s interesting that it shows only one form of ‘T’ in the list of characters; perhaps the more legible one was added later?

David M.

Folks - this is so terrific and I am so very grateful for the good help. I hope you can appreciate of how much value this list is, especially for those of us who are just beginning. Thank you. Neil

They’re probably superfluous by now, but here are the ATF showings of Raleigh Cursive from their 1934 and 1941 specimen books. That “conventional” ‘T’ made it in pretty quickly.



The links are to hi(ish)-resolution JPEGs; save them to disk if you want them, because they’re only online in temporary space right now. With any luck tiny versions of them may appear inline in this posting.

David M.

image: raleigh-cursive-1941.jpg


image: raleigh-cursive-1934.jpg


We still have some new Raleigh Cursive in stock—12 pt figures and several fonts of 24 pt. It was still available from ATF up to their demise in 1993. What is not available new are the angle spaces required for 24 pt and larger.