spring diagram for Kelsey 6x10 Excelsior

Anyone have a diagram for how the spring is attached to the gripper bar (round not square) on the 6x10 Kelsey Excelsior press to create the movement of the grippers.Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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The griper bar spring for the 6 X 10 Kelsey is held on to the gripper bar by friction. The end of the spring is bent a bit tighter than 90 degrees with a slight kick-out. Upon installation the bent end is simply forced through the hole in the gripper bar.

T and T Press Resortation

Am trying to oicture how it is installed,is it an actual spring or a metal rod that is curved and goes fron the round rod to the back of the press? Thanks

11 inch stiff wire with a hook on end and bow to it. Goes through hole of finger rod first then sticks out front of press. Hook points up and will clip on to hold it from backing out.

image: wire3.jpg


image: wire 2.jpg

wire 2.jpg

image: wire 1.jpg

wire 1.jpg