wood type

Can someone ID this old type? It was found in a barn in North Dakota near the Canadian border. Thank you in advance :)

image: wood type 4.jpg

wood type 4.jpg

image: download.jpg


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where’s John Falstrom when you need him??

I think I see some Clarendon XXX condensed. Your photos are pretty small!


First picture, the thinner font has gone by various names - Gothic Tuscan, Antique Tuscan and Antique Tuscan No. 9. This was first shown by Page in 1859.


First picture, the bolder font is simply a Clarendon until a better picture can be shown. The second picture shows a Clarendon XXX Cond.

It would be really helpful if you could look at the side of the capital As and let us know if there is a makers name stamped on one of the sides.