I want a Pearl.

I want a Pearl.

I’m not overly picky about exactly which model, and it surely doesn’t have to be in beautiful condition. As long as it’s in the ballpark of being complete, I’m interested.

So, if anyone knows anyone with a Pearl…

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Try the Golding Guru.

Hey megahurt how much are the chasebases that Alan sells? Do you still use yours? Can you post some more pictures of it set up and running?

I do still use mine quite a bit. Not sure what I paid for it, it was a couple of years ago at least. There are some pics of mine floating around on here somewhere. I’ll try to remember to snap some new ones when I get a chance.

Alan has the prices for the chase base on his web site, all depends on size. www.excelsiorpress.org

Where are you, megahurt? I’d maybe (maybe) sell my No. 3 if I can get the treadle on my C&P hooked up (need the hook). It’s in perfect shape. (I would not be giving it away.)

I’m right near Philadelphia. I’ve got $500 max to spend on it.

When I saw this I thought Mikimoto pearls :-)

If you are in PA, perhaps it would be worth trying to contact John Falstrom in Old Lyme CT. He just sold a very (very) nice Pearl#11 recently.


I refer to John as the “Golding Guru of the East”.


@megahurt - your budget might get you a fixer-upper.

I’m ok with a fixer upper.

hi, saw an ad on allofcraigs.com for a pearl listed in the philadelphia area recently for $700.oo, may be a lead for you.
Allofcraigs brings up craigs list ads all over under whatever search title you put in. Hope it helps you get going in the direction you are looking for.

That recent Philly Pearl might have been sold. It seems to have been taken down.

A few months ago, Philly’s Craig’s List had another Pearl for $300. Apparently, the response was swift and overwhelming, and a buyer had committed before I had a chance to email. All that is to say, we have a small set of data that suggests you’re in a good area for cheap Pearls. Hope another one pops up for you.

Also, I believe allofcraigs is called adhuntr now (and their url is now www.adhuntr.com) Must have lost a legal battle.

i want a babcock and a cambell country jobber
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best james

I saw the $700 Pearl in Media PA in person. It was pretty much a disaster and overpriced for what it was. I think it has been sold.

Most operable small platens seem to be priced between $800 and $1200 these days - which is disconcerting to someone who remembers the days when they were $100.

Here’s one that has been listed recently