Kluge serial number identification

Im cleaning up and restoring a new Kluge 10x15 of mine and am having a hard time finding a date of information on the press. Ive found many of the patten documents and I have manual but nothing on the serial number.


Can any one help out?

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Dear InkandHammer:

Ericm might know another way, but I found date of manufacture for my Kluge through ‘phone conversation with tech reps at Brandtjen & Kluge. I’d just give them a call at: 800-826-7320. Ask for their ‘parts guy’, Bill Lobert, and he may be able to direct your call.

the “M” designates it as pre 1960. i am guessing early 1950’s

anyone looking for a 10X15 kluge?

Thank you, that’s where I was about to turn! Ill give them a call and chat, thank you.

ken jacocks
Where are you and what are you looking for it?

north central texas

Hmm even though I travel to Southern Texas a lot, that’s a little far for now to bring the press back to Ohio lol

I have a partial one with M28 printed on the wheel? Anyone has any idea?

Are there pictures of the Texas Kluge? I might be interested if the price is right. I’m in Louisiana.

Do you have any photos intan888?