Craftsmen (CMC) Victory roller/truck specs needed

I’m hoping to get an old Craftsmen Victory going again, but can’t seem to find any specs/info on the roller and truck OD.
I’ve contacted Craftsmen Machinery, but even they don’t have the info.
One (mangled) roller came with it as well as a variety of trucks. I’ve sent these out to a roller manufacturer, but they’re stymied as well.
Anyone out there have one of this model press and can share some info?
Something tells me I should have picked a more common press as my first…

image: CMC_Victory.jpg


image: press.JPG


image: roller.jpeg


image: trucks.jpeg


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On that press truck and roller are the same size. A larger diameter roller will print a solid better I make mine 1 inch some times 1 1/8, but I sell all my rollers with matching trucks so odd or mismatched trucks are not a issue.

Thank you Todd - are you saying the Victory should run a 1” or 1.125” roller with matching truck?

If I may - either size would work, but the larger diameter will give you better inking because of a larger surface area for ink transfer.

Thank you both!!