Vandercook 100 Book (Congrats to Heather Mitchell)

I’ve just received an advance copy of the “Vandercook 100” book, edited and organized by Heather Mitchell.

I would like to congratulate her on such a great book. Wow! Superbly designed and looks terrific!

Amazon has it listed already:


image: Vandercook100.jpg


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Could not agree more - really a beautiful piece!

Mine should arrive Saturday- can’t wait!

Heather lives close to me so I picked up my copies last weekend. I hadn’t met her before — she’s just lovely and it’s readily apparent that she worked long and hard on the book. Over the years 30,000 Vandercook presses were produced, of which about 1,650 are known to remain. It’s fascinating to see where some these presses have ended up, and what they’re being used for. Every page takes you into a different little world. Brava Heather — and thank you!


Is that a swimming pool, just behind your Vandercook (outside the glass doors) ?

Perfect for after a hot day’s work cranking the No. 4 :-)


Oh yes, Thomas, you know us Californians … swimmin’ pools … movie stars … :-)