Unknown Type - “G” looks like Thannhaeuser Bold

Hi, everyone! I’m new to the briar press community, and I would really appreciate any help you could offer on this particular face that I cannot find for the life of me in any specimen book ever created. It looks very similar to Thannhaeuser Bold (from Jaspert, Berry, and Johnson’s The Encyclopaedia of Type Faces, p. 217), but certain characters vary. Does anyone have any idea what I’m looking at? Thanks so much for your help!

image: unknown type.JPG

unknown type.JPG

image: encyclo.JPG


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This is a 19th century face so you’ll have to look at the older catalogs. Is there a pin-mark or some sort of symbol on tghe side of the type’s body????? That will make the search much much easier.

The matrices for your face were made from hand-cut punches, not a pantograph machine.


Thanks so much for the help, Rick!

Sure enough, after you mentioned it was from the 19th century, I found one of Cincinnati Type Foundry’s books online (the 15th book - http://www.archive.org/stream/fifteenthbookofs00cincrich#page/n5/mode/2u...) and was able to identify it as Latin Antique.

Thanks, again!