Chandler and price identification

Hi everyone!

I’m new here… I bought this press in full working glory… until my freight company decided to handle it carelessly and broke one of the main arm (the one that holds the ink disk).

It should be a new series no? I google everywhere and look through a few manuals and part lists…. still could not pen down what model is this…

I need to find out as I want to source for a replacement arm :(

Many thanks in advance!!!

image: photo.JPG


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better picture

image: pressSIDE.JPG


you need riggers for heavy equipment, trucking companies are not used to top heavy large hunks of iron. to find out when it was made you need the serial number, then there are lists on this site (somewhere) that will tell you about when it was made. your serial number is located on the upper left hand corner of the bed (where the chase goes, you might need to use steel wool to get the ink and gunk off the number. parts are noy easy to come by, there is Don Black in Canada, and a few in the US. you can check the yellow pages on this site for others who might have parts.

DickG is correct!! Here is a link to serial number, makes and years:

That’s a Model N Chandler and Price press. Different from both the Old Style and New Series. There seem to be very few of these presses out there so you’ll have to be patient when looking for replacement parts. I’m not sure if New Series parts would fit a Model N, but it’s possible.

Hope this helps,

I may be mistaken, but the press looks like a C&P Craftsman press. The side arms with the company name leads me to think this is a Craftsman model press. Your Ink disk bracket is broken, but also the roller arms have been broken and the back connecting plate seems to be gone as well. Since there are fewer Craftsman model presses, the parts may not be as easy to find as just standard New Style presses.

Getting the serial number from the press as DickG has suggested will provide the information on the particular style of the press you have.


The roller frames and frame sides with no holes are a giveaway to the Model N. Having been made for schools, C&P figured it was safer if there were fewer pinch points and passthroughs that one could stick his/her arm into. The whole front of the presses were clad with sheet metal. The C&P name was cast into these arms as well as most later Craftsman arms.

Check this one:


I stand corrected, I found this photo of a Model N press which definitely shows the lettering on the side arms:

John H.

Here’s another shot of a Model N that compares nicely to the angle of the original poster’s photo.


you might want to see if you can find someone to weld the broken parts, if they are good they should be able to fix most breaks,

I agree that it’s a Model N. However, I have two Model N’s, an 8 X 12 and a 12 X 18 and neither one has the name cast in the arms.

Wow! I’m really impressed with all the helpful responses I have received! I’m greatly appreciated with all the help! Thank you all so much!

Regarding the ink disk and the rollers… I have disassembled them before letting the freight company to pick it up. So there are all intact :)

I believe there are a few missing broken parts, as it was broken in the freight company warehouse. Therefore I’m not too sure if welding back the remaining parts might work. But definitely worth a try.

From all the model N pictures that you guys have posted… I concurred that my press is a model N! Thanks!!!

I would strongly believe that my Chandler and Price is the only Chandler and Price in the country that I now reside in. I have moved from Los Angeles to Singapore, therefore I have everything shipped over here through a freight company.

To think about how I have drove up with a truck from LA to SF to pick this baby up, and then back to LA on the same day. And with the help of my friends to muscle her into my studio…. and finally only to let the freight company to screwed it all up…. sad story :( and I have to hustle them in order to get the compensation of only $700

This baby has been fully restored and fully operational, with zero rust and all bling… motor, counter, brake, rollers, etc. all working beautifully and sweetly :) but ever since the mishap… it has been sitting there since 2007 and has received some rust…

Anyway I will now try to look for a model N parts list or manual… hopefully be able to get the replacement arm and a restorer to get her up and running again.

Thank you all once again!!!