Need help installing motor on C&P NS 8x12

I purchased a C&P 8x12 a couple of months ago. I have only ever worked and used a press with a treadle. This press i bought came with a Kimble variable motor and two belts. One like canvas and one leather. The gear teeth on the belts are in bad condition. also the motor isn’t compatible with being able to be plugged (the wires are just hanging there), which makes me believe i need an electrician.

Here are my questions:
1. Should I just call someone to come and fix it all and hook it up and provide supplies on whatever i need? Where do i find someone like that in San Diego, CA.
2. Do i need new belts or are the gear repairable? Would getting new belts just make sense?
3. Can someone provide pictures of a motor being hooked up to the flywheel of a C&P (i only found pics of it set up on the right side wheel which i don’t have)? I am not a mechanic what so ever so I confused on how it all even fits together (which takes me back to 1. I should probably just pay someone?)

Thanks for all your help!

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Try Tim at Quality Letterpress. If he can’t get you setup, he’ll direct you to someone who can.

Having trouble following you - you have gear teeth on your belt? You might be talking about a sectioned belt, the end side of the V belt has cogs (for lack of another word) if it is worn for sure replace it. I recently installed a drive belt on the flywheel side of the press and used a belt called Accu Link. I purchased mine at Harbor Freight - not made in China but in Italy. The neat thing about it is that you can enlarge or reduce the belt by removing links. It took 3 belts with some links removed to get the right diameter. The belts run $23.99 each.
It was cheaper than a regular V belt and much cheaper than a flat belt. Other than your electrical problems it is real easy to install - even with a “from scratch “. There are only so many ways to install a belt, look at wood working or metal working equipment to get ideas.