Excelsior Rolling Issue

This past year I purchased a press that had been refurbished. When I go to run the rollers they seems to be too close together thus locking up and scooting instead of rolling. We had to disassemble it to move it when we purchased it and I am worried something isn’t the right place. Also I wanted to know how I can place a wooden tray onto it for the printed pieces. Thank you so much for any help you can give. -Angela

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sometimes rollers can swell, if they are touching it will ruin your rollers, some kelseys have roller hooks, try turning one set of hooks around to see if you can get some room between your rollers. also Kelseys rollers usually don’t have the trucks keyed to the roller shafts, this can make the rollers slide and not turn, you can try a piece of thread over the shaft then push the truck onto the shaft, this will make the rollers turn and not slide. Ir your rollers are touching you will need to have them ground down, i think they can only grind rubber rollers but i’m not sure, check with ramco roller, their contact info is in the yellow pages on this site, they can tell you if they can be ground. if you try to use the press with the ink rollers touching it will destroy the rollers. my kelseys don’t have wooden trays, i use the bench on each side of the press to hold my paper.