Replacement treddle for C&P New style.

I am wondering where I can get a replacement treddle for my C&P new style (about 1920). It appears as thought,when last operated, it had been run by a motor, which is now gone, but I’d like to convert it back to a treddle machine.
I’d like to buy a treddle or possibly build one.

thanks in advance!

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Hern would be the place for you!

Hello Christina

have a New Style

got mine from Hern Foundry


I’ve bought a few of the Hern treadles. Sometimes the hooks need a little cleaning up to fit, but once they’re set up and on the press they are as good as an original.

Similarly, I have been very happy with the Golding Pearl treadles I’ve sourced from Mike Anton. We’re really lucky to have folks like these keeping this stuff in production.

Daniel Morris
The Arm Letterpress
Brooklyn, NY


Is Mike having new Golding treadles cast? There’s quite the demand it would seem.


Thank you all, I will definitly check out Hern!

Hey Brad,
Yes, he has at least had them cast in the past. I’ve bought some of his brand new treadles, treadle rods, feed table brackets, and drawer pulls. They were great.

He even made me a couple of sets of original style wooden drawers for Golding Pearl Oldstyle presses.


Anyone casting chases for C&P 8X12?

there are some people selling stuff like chases, try the yellow pages on this site, the 8x12 c&p is pretty common, you should be able to find a chase for it.

last few months
have seen C&P
8X12 chases
on Ebay
sell for between
40 and 55 bucks

mac dit dit