Difference in Plates?

Greetings all, New to letterpress printing, but 20 years experience in various other processes. I just added a Masterprinter SignMaker Press and want to make some plates. I currently have an exposure unit that I use for making my Pad Printing Metal PhotoPoly Plates, but that process is intaglio, not relief…My question is can I sue the same plates or is there a different surface to take the ink better? I have a local supplied for the pad plates, and stock them already, so that would be convenient! Any suggestions or info would be great. Thanks.

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The plates you are using are quite similar to the ones used in letterpress printing, but probably much shallower relief. I would think the same equipment could be used to process the deeper relief plates, you could check with your current supplier to see if they stock other thicknesses, or check out one of the letterpress suppliers like Box Car Press or NA Graphics.