Firefly press with Stand?

Is this a firefly press? Is it mainly a curiosity or museum piece?
Has anyone seen one of these for sale?

The price is right, I just need to move it….


image: 5I45Lc5K63Ia3L13obc6e7cb610e9424118eb.jpg


image: 5L95F85M83E63Ff3Jfc6e48fd4958ba9b1501-1.jpg


image: 5If5Kf5H43E23G13L8c6e73934405ce3812be.jpg


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What’s a “firefly press”?

Your photos are of a Multigraph model No. 60, on a Multigraph No. 58 Stand, and two Multigraph No. 59 Typesetters, all from the early to mid 1920s.

Whether this setup would be only a curiosity, or a museum piece, or a working press, would be up to you. They certainly attract some attention when shown, because of the unusual design, and are light and small enough to take to events (around 50 lbs., pretty good for what is basically an 8x12” press!). Most printing museums seem to have at least one Multigraph, and the No. 60 is probably the most common model in general. I think there are two or three Multigraphs listed on eBay at the moment, but they’re not selling as they are priced way over “market value” (if there is such a thing for Multigraphs).

Since the setup you picture looks to be pretty complete (the often-missing feed and delivery tables are there, as well as the large oscillating roller), and includes at least some of the unique T-base type, I’d recommend you grab it, especially since the price is right! I’ll be happy to help with getting it printing, and any bits & pieces needed.

Dave R.

I’m impressed! Thanks for your input. I’ll grab it if I can, it may already be sold, it’s the seller didn’t answer my email.
If I pick it up, I’ll let you know how the “restoration” goes.
I was impressed at how complete the set is, even though I had no idea what press I was looking at.
I appreciate your help.