Paper cutter servicing in Connecticut

Hello! I have a Triumph Ideal paper cutter that is in need of some repair/maintenance. I don’t know where to begin to find someone in my area (Hartford, CT) who can help. Does anyone have any ideas or recommendations? I really appreciate the help!

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there is a man in southeastern massachusetts who fixes cutters, his name is Sullivan, i think he is in Bridgewater, if interested i’ll try to get you a phone number.

Thanks so much for the quick response! A phone number would be most appreciated.

can’t find the phone number for Mr. Sullivan, will keep looking.

Mr. Sullivan is Don Sullivan, His business is called DJ Graphics, he is located in West Bridgewater,MA. phone number is 508-583-1504, I had him fix my older cutter, his rate are very resonable,

Don Sullivan came into my shop at least 20 years ago and introduced himself, telling me he repaired cutters, i told him nothing ever goes wrong with my cutter, he asked if he could put a magnetic card on the cutter just in case. I let him put his card on my cutter. The very next day the cutter stopped working, i called him and told him i didn’t know what was in that card but it worked because the cutter don’t work. He came out and fixed it and did a great job. Someone who came in my shop took the card and i haven’t had his number for a while. Thanks for posting the number, he is the only guy i’d let touch my cutter,