Printing on Pocket Folders

Does anyone have experience printing on unconverted pocked folders?
Any ideas of where to purchase unconverted folders made from uncoated cotton stock or something suitable for letterpress?

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Are you asking about just printing on a large sheet of index stock (card stock) and die cutting and folding into a pocket folder?

If the folder folds to 9 x 12 the sheet will have to about 1.5 inches larger around the finish size.

So the stock would have about 12 x 14.

How about a wee bit more information. Are you talking about raw material just off the cutter - or die cut but not glued blanks?

In earlier time most of plain pocket folder was in use, but nowadays the trend of printed pocket folder has become in existence. Its trend is increasing day by day because they look beautiful and attractive.

If you have a pocket folder that is 9x12 then the raw stock material would have to be atleast 19x16 and that’s depending on if the pockets are going to be glued, if they are the stock size would change to 20x16 at minimum

A 12x14 sheet does not yield a 9x12 pocket folder. 12x18 plus whatever depth of pocket on the 12” side would be a minumum, more if there is turnover at the edges.
I have imprinted pre-made pocket folders, supplied by the customer, but you could look for them at any office supply company. The usual commercial practice would be to print flat sheets before converting.