Premade folders?

Does anyone know where I can find some nice presentation folders made from uncoated stock? In particular we are looking for chocolate brown but may settle for something else nice!

I have looked all over and I keep finding blue or white linen and coated stocks!

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Did you try Jam Paper and Envelope? They have brown ones too

Good Luck

Try Paper Source, they have a great variety, or Flax in San Francisco.

Are you looking a normal 9 x 12 pocket folder? How many do you need?

We have a standard die, and for just a hand full we’ve taken the die and beat it through a sheet of stock into an old blanket to make the cut, then just folded and glued it by hand. We can usually get certain papers as samples from our paper vendors. I’d be enough to make 4 or 5 at most.

Yes normal 9x12 folders.

To test the project I only need a few, once the client approves it I need around 100 to 250 max probably.

The ones on the Jam site look nice, They seem a little expensive though but I have nothing to compare it too.

Presentation folder and pocket folders has become basic need of business marketing because of these many printing service companies providing premade presentation or pocket folders according to clients’ requirement.
Presentation folder

Try Favini , not sure what they have in their range but i have seen various colours from this company over the years Takes foiling ok and has substance to it .