Thermostat for Kluge

I just bought a used 14x22 Kluge that I intend to use for diecutting and hot embossing. Machine has been out of service for awhile so it will take a little work to get it going. It is missing the thermostat/heat controller for heating the chase. The chase has 2 plugs coming out of it (labelled 250 volt 20 amp) that I assume plug into the thermostat. Any thoughts on where I can get one for the machine at a reasonable price? Or if I try to source something locally does anyone know the kind of range of heat I need to be dealing with?


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my hot plate you can adjust the heat from 100 to about 300 degrees, for most foil stamping i run mine around 220 degrees.

i can email you pics of what you need

call dale prudhomme at 214-762-6088 he’s in dallas. his company used to convert kluges to foil stampers and diecutters. he might be able to help or have parts.

I was exploring the guts of a hot plate yesterday. Mine has five heating elements, and one thermocouple to sense the temperature.

The person I bought it from must have replaced the cord without doing too much thinking. They wired the thermocouple into the main power line, and wired the power to the sensor port on the Gold Boss foil controller. I haven’t tested it, but I assume they let the smoke out.

If it doesn’t work, I plan to get one of these:
and pair it with a suitable relay.

I think that might do the trick.