Letterpress Little Giant Model 6

The land lord wants 3 times the rent. Have to sale asap.

I have cleaned it up and replaced the air hoses, and added new rollers.

Runs nice and does a great print job.

Priced at $2,500 or best Offer!

image: download4.jpg


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Where are you located? If there are shops nearby maybe you can arrange with one of them to take on the press so that you can use it when you need to and they get the benefit of this great press.

Hope you find a home for it!

I am in Houston, Texas.

Sorry, NO shops want to place equipment in their shops.

Please the land lord told me to night, Everything is going to scrap yard on August first.

I had to store my shop one year when a landlord jerked my space out from under me. I found a semi-truck sized storage unit that would accomodate it until I could find another space. Hope you can find a solution that is most beneficial for you.


Will this shit bag not let you tarp it in the yard till you can sell or shift it ????

quick do you have any family or extended friends
rent a trailer grab some steel pipe a come along
move it

if you lived around here
you could keep it in my garage
heck my mothers garage
double heck my stepsister’s garage

don’t let the ass hole kill your dream
there has to be a temp work around

there has to be somebody
that loves letterpress in your town
that has a corner for your press

i would love to have that press
but am too too far away

thank goodness i own my building

yours truly

Thanks for the support postings.
Sorry, no one will help me with the move.

i’m not a lawyer but i think the landlord has to give you time to find a new space, this happened to me a few years ago and the landlord had to give me 30 days to find another space. if i were you i’d put it in my driveway till i found space.

If you are evicted, you are at the end of your rope. So you have until Aug. 1st to get everything out you want to keep, after that day, every thing left becomes his. He can sue you in Court for removal charges and damages. So, don’t leave stuff behind.

If he is just raising the rent on you, same happen to me a year ago, I gave the Landlord one Month of the new Rent in cash and that gave me 30 days to move 340 k of Equipment and stuff across town into a better space for less than half what I paid.

So, look around and consider your options. The LG are great presses, don’t have it destroyed.

I have no clue as to the locality or size of your state but surely there are some texans on the site that may have a wee bit of space for a few bits and little by little save all your kit , we are after all described as a community here !!,