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So, I am the proud owner of a Golding Official #2 tabletop press (unless I have incorrectly identified it, see attached pictures).

This press was a gift and I have yet to figure out if I can still see the e-bay ad for it or anything, so I basically know nothing about it or what its previous owner had to say about it.

Unfortunately it is broken. The hoop that holds the inking plate and the small arm that turns it are snapped off. I have both parts and can see where they fit on. As far as I know these are the only broken/missing pieces.

How can I fix these? Welding? Some sort of adhesive (that seems wrong, but I’m pretty clueless!)? Any advice at all would be wonderful.

Also, this press did not come with rollers. Any idea where I can get some? Or get a suitable alternative?

I am attaching photos of the press and the broken joints. Please let me know if you need more information or photos, I’m glad to supply whatever I can.

Thank you for your help!

image: IMG_0431.jpg


image: IMG_0432.jpg


image: IMG_0434.jpg


image: IMG_0433.jpg


image: IMG_0435.jpg


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This can be repaired. The safest method is to have the parts brazed back together. Adhesive is not going to be strong enough, and welding requires more heat that can effect the rest of the casting near the repair making it more likely to break again. Find someone local to you that is familiar with brazing cast iron. I take it the breakage occurred in shipping? One source for getting new cores, trucks and rollers made is at Ramco Roller Products. You can visit my website for information on Golding presses:


That is a nice old Golding 1878 Official model 4x6 looks complete. you will need to up-date those old springs, save the old ones for display. I do have that press too, and new rollers and trucks for it. Look me up on here or E-bay. A new set of rubber letterpress rollers with brass trucks would make it complete. Go to a professional welder to have it fixed.

You must be mindful that the repair to the ink disc suport is critical. By that I mean the alignment of the broken part prior to brazing. If the ink disc is not in the correct plane when repairs are complete roller inking will be affected. Despite having the broken disc support part, which of course is a huge benefit, alignment must be spot on for the press to perform as it was originally intended. An effective repair It will require a skilled craftsmen who fully understands the desired outcome. The repair to the ink disc rotating mechanism on the other hand is simple and straight forward.

If you need help finding such a resource perhaps I can help. Drop me a note with contact details

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Thank you, everyone! I will look into a place to have it brazed. I am in Minneapolis, does anyone know of good resources here?

Any brazing required to restore broken press parts can be accomplished by us. We pride ourselves in reasonable turn time and fair prices. If we can help you drop us a note or give us a call to discuss your needs.


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If you live in Minneapolis (I used to) Perfection Type is a reliable place. Not sure if they can help you, but they are a good supplier of parts and may have more help for you.