Need help identifying this press

I’m an designer who recently fell in love with linocut printmaking. I’ve been cutting out of blocks for a bit but naturally want to go bigger. The inspiration came to me while browsing the web when I discovered the press below.

Can someone help me identify the proof press in the attached images?

Also, is there a seller in the states (preferably west coast being in Phoenix, AZ) who may have this press or something very similar available for sale?

Thank you kindly,

image: press1.jpeg


image: press2.jpeg


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I was briefly corresponding with a seller who had a press very like that some months ago. That particular one was kind of strange in that it came as part of a package for printing novelty newspaper headlines on fake newspapers. I’ll link the pictures the seller sent me below. I didn’t end up buying the press or even driving out to see it in person. It was worth more to the seller as a novelty newspaper kit than it was to me as a proof press.

The seller had told me that it was an American Printing Equipment Proof Press. APE seems to have, at least in some cases, sold other people’s machines with their name on it (as with the Hoehner/APE Pilot clones), so this may be only part of the story. Seems like I remember thinking the press might be a Sirio, but now I can’t figure out why I believed that.

Are you set on this size/style of press or are you just looking for something with which to print linocuts? I suspect that something like a Poco might work better and be easier to locate.

image: APEproofpress3.jpg


image: APEproofpress2.jpg


image: APEproofpress.jpg


I m amazed, it’s a historical things you got, well i also going to research on it now..thanks for post.

kitchen cabinets online, thank you for your insight. Very much appreciated.

This press seems very easy to use for a beginner which is why I’m attracted to it. However, if it’s impossible to find (no much luck in the states yet), then I’m open to an alternative. My goal is to be able to print A2 size posters.

I’ll look into Poco presses. Any other suggestions, direction is appreciated.

Also, I’m looking at the Nolan No. 2 Proof Press. Again, not an easy find.


You might also look for something like a Line-O-Scribe or Morgan sign machine - they were made in several different sizes, and have grippers. They operate on the same principle, and usually have adjustable rollers - perfect for printing linoleum or wood cuts.

@BillWhitely Thanks for bringing the Line-O-Scribe to my attention. Looks like just what I need.