Wanting to switch to a treadle

I have a C&P NS 8x12 and am wanting to switch from a motor to a treadle. I’m not very consistent using the old, feeble motor. Any advice or resources on where to find or how to make a treadle and connect it? Assuming this is even possible. This is my first platten press.

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I have a C&P OS 8x12 and bought a newly cast foot treadle from Hern Ironworks. They provide the hinge pin and the hook along with the treadle. It is a cinch to connect and start using, and if you have any questions or problems Joel at Hern was very good at getting back to me via email and answering my phone calls.


Fantastic! That was easier than I expected. Thanks, Moe!


You just need to be sure your press has a “crank” in the shaft for the treadle hook to attach to — evidently some of the NS C&Ps that came factory-equipped with a motor had a straight shaft.

Dave, I don’t suppose you have a reference photo so I can check, do you?

follow the shaft that the big flywheel is on, in the center of the press your shaft should have a bend in it, if it is straight you can’t hook up a treadle, if there is a crank in it then you can hook a treadle.

It does indeed have a bend in it.

Pleased to hear someone actually wants to go retrograde and use a treadle rather than a motor.
I have run both and truly find dramatically more control with the treadle. Once you get the feel of your press/treadle combination you will find you can move as fast as you can feed and also slow it very quickly, almost (not quite) like a brake.
Enjoy and and welcome to the club.
Steve V.

How much does a treadle weigh? Looking into get one from Hern Iron Works myself , and they are relatively inexpensive… however I am in Canada so shipping is what would kill me….

It says on the website that the treadles weigh 40lb. Good luck! I too am running a treadle, not sure if I’d have much joy with a motor.


I bought my Hern treadle years ago, and the .8 x 12 was great to run. I now have a 10 x 15, which I likewise treadle. A little more work, but not difficult.

If you want to make your own, there’s a current discussion on the LETPRESS list about that right now. All you really need is that u-shape in your drive shaft, and it sounds like you have it