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BDB, are you new to printing in...26 Oct
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PS Yep, I tried adjusting the guides....21 Sep
PS "the right people" have been on...8 Sep
@havenpress. Mark. Nobody's going to...8 Sep
@havenpress said Those are great and...28 Aug
@havenpress -- you seem to be cutting...28 Aug
I bought my Hern treadle years ago, and...24 Aug
Heh. Might be helpful if you posted...24 Aug
The others have the right of it--...3 Aug
Turned out the next time I printed with...23 Oct
John, what baffles me is how suddenly...15 Aug
ooohhh I am _so_ envious! The Kalmar...14 Mar
zandokan, the Hohner tabletop press is...31 Jan
We now have a bunch of restored, and...4 Jan
I've seen the process demonstrated by a...10 Oct
Might also bring my 3-1/2 x 4-1/2...19 Sep
Paul, Coast also was a bit lax in...29 Aug
Hi Lydia, Brisbane, Australia, or...29 Aug
Courtney, I owned a Triumph. It came...28 Aug
Did you get the Pearl? A nice little...28 Aug
Barb, Don't forget to say hello then--...28 Aug
So now we know better than to deal with...15 Dec
Funny you should ask, Bill.... I *have*...29 Nov
Hmm. You don't mention a couple of key...16 Jul
Looks great, and congratulations! I...19 Jun
A 10x15 can be treadled; a 12x18 is a...19 Jun
Steph, If you're an old soul at 23...16 Jun
Actually, as late as it is, and as...21 Mar