I just got a C&P NS 10x15 that needs rollers. So the question, which type of rollers? Rubber or composite? Where is the best place to buy rollers?
Thanks for the help.

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I’d recommend rubber.

Ramco Roller is excellent. So is Advanced Roller.

They both have good prices and great customer service.


Rubber here too. And I second the Ramco suggestion – they’re really great and affordable.

Ramco - two thumbs up…

Look me up on here or E-bay
All new rollers and trucks
custom boxes for them too

image: cp 004.jpg smaller.jpg

cp 004.jpg smaller.jpg

Thanks for all the info. I’ve ordered a set of rollers from Todd.


all that talk about Ramco and you bought from Todd, i have talked to a few who have bought from Todd and not a bad word was said about him either.

I see now why you selected Todd rollers over Ramco Roller. You liked the T-Shirt on his website.

I know the Ramco’s to they are good people.
Someday I am going to put something on that website, better at letterpress then computers.

I didn’t see a T-shirt!!! Todd is one included with the rollers?

If I get a T-shirt, it won’t look that good on me!!!

I can’t imagine companies are still making composition rollers with the old formulae of treacle, glycerin etc, the choice will between rubber and modern equivalents such as Durathene-anyone used these latter or know of companies using this substance for presses rather than just hand rollers-offset litho press rollers are made in rubber for sure but also this “new” stuff-can’t quite remember…….

There is a person on here that makes rollers out of gummy bears.

i think its Winking Cat that does gummie bear rollers. I tried them for my 3x5 kelsey but messed up, haven’t had a chance to redo them. One problem is your kids will eat them.

Is Tarheel still casting their composition rollers?

Jonathan, there is indeed a company still making composition rollers, Tarheel Roller in North Carolina:
Just like so many other things, there are advantages and disadvantages to each type of roller material, but all seem to be well made and print well.

Dave, appreciate and thanks for info-genuinely amazing

Jonathan, I’ll second Dave’s remark. Tarheel makes great composition rollers and they may be the last place on earth doing them. Comp holds and distributes ink beautifully but doesn’t last as long as rubber. OTOH, it doesn’t get hard and shrink like rubber can. I’ve been using Tarheel composition rollers for years now. Mine have usually lasted 8-10 years. Tarheel can supply cores if you need them, and the extra charge for them to make a roller box is (IMHO) worth it.

Aloha friends~ My Papa is Denny at Advanced Roller in Corona CA. He has been in business for over 25 years! A lot of the folks mentioned here actually get the rollers from Advanced. I am a huge fan of letterpress and am grateful to share that my Papa supplies many of the rollers for so many of the beautiful vintage presses. He makes all kinds of rollers for a huge variety of presses including the C&P’s, Kelseys and Klugys. He has amazing prices and a quick turn around. GIve him a call and let him know you saw this post from his daughter on… He is an amazing man and truly loved by the industry! Im just braggin’ cause he’s my Papa and I love him so much! : )

** He can also supply C&P WITH new cores!

951 272 3010
Denny: you can always catch him on the phone!
~~Much love, amy

What is the proper proceedure to measure a hand press for new rollers. My current press did not come with rollers.
Any info would be greatly appreciated by this novice.

There is a lot of things to take in to consideration when designing a roller.
Diameter of roller and truck how wide, type of trucks where to put them, what kind of roller hooks do they have holding pins like Daughaday should they lock. If you are talking about your #23 I have those in stock in there original design and my own design a little fatter with locking trucks. Just for kicks see how many other roller makers have them in stock or know what they are.
Send me a message, if I do not have them I will design and make them guaranteed to work or free adjustments or your money back.