Rock n Roll Letterpress Kickstarter

And it’s letterpress because of—-?

Very unclear.

The CD packaging is printed letterpress.

Very unclear to a person that doesn’t read it.
Perfectly clear to anyone who reads even the first half.

I’m thinking everyone who was ever going to has already spent enough on these social-giving schemes. Anyone ever think of earning the money before hand? or is that just really old school?

This concept was interesting way back when, now it seems to have driveled down to just panhandling, an easy grift aimed at the sympathetically minded with money to waste.

For real. Next thing you know they’re going to take the cords away from our phones!

Gerald, if you don’t like the music you can just say so.

Funny, never even thought about listening to the music! Nice economics there. One song with different titles and same delivery. Satanism, wow, talk about being caught in a time-warp.

A couple of years ago Avril Lavigne launched a clothing line with skull images predominate because, well, “there just weren’t enough skulls on clothing.” Now that is exactly what we all needed. More skull images on our clothing. She recently morphed that into a children’s line with “friendly” skulls. Better demographics. I have to say, I did not see that coming.


Not sure why you are wasting ALL this time and energy on Kickstarter for a measly $1800. That is pathetic (as is your presentation, sorry, but it is, you failed at being cool).

Go to Kabbage and just borrow the money, quick and easy, low interest (but you have to pay it back in six months). Acceptance depends upon your internet business connections. I use them when I need to kick up the cash flow. Never a problem. An asset if there ever was one. And, no guilt. Just pay the bill. You are not dependent upon or obligated to other folks good will.



Gerald, first of all, from one adult to another, go fuck yourself.

I never asked for your opinion on my music or “presentation”, and I’m not sure what gives you the impression that anyone else here was interested in hearing that opinion.

if I had to judge, I’d say that borrowing money is closer to pathetic than selling a product, which is what my Kickstarter project is doing. People purchase packages of various goods/services at various price levels. It’s called retail. The advantage of Kickstarter is that we get some funds before manufacturing.

Also, you said you didn’t listen to the music, then continue on to say that it’s all the same song with different titles. How could you possibly know that if you didn’t listen?

You’re full of shit and I find it highly unlikely that you’d have this same high and mighty attitude in person.

Funny how there seems to be enough money to print a record cover, and de-boss another and pay for the screens and printing of T-shirts (and the T-shirts presumably). One would think that the money better spent would be on the product you are trying to sell rather than the fancy(?) window dressing. Then you could go hat in hand to folks for printing and marketing expenses. It just seems a little backwards.


What’s backwards about it? The studio is already taken care of, and the musicians are free (my band). All the images you see there are digital mock-ups. The money will go toward all of the things you just mentioned, which I explain very clearly in the video.

The money is for mastering, supplies, printing. This project is not very different from the countless bands that fund albums on Kickstarter, so I guess I’m kind of surprised at how completely out of the loop the folks here seem to be.

It isn’t my style of music but I dig the video and think the rewards offered are pretty thoughtful and exactly the kind of thing fans appreciate.

I mean c’mon: a pre-release digital download in addition to the signed fancy pack for 20 bucks including shipping; how is that not cool?

Yep. Thank you for the education! I apologize that I am out of the loop…

I have been busy on press so that I could pay for the things I need to expand our business.

It’s the vocabulary and all the bleeped out words in your video that is insulting. Is that you megahurt in the video? WOW

Kickstart seems to be a place where people can basically borrow money from their friends (with a thin veneer of “doing business”), only to pay it back with a product that doesn’t have an assigned value in the real marketplace. I can support projects that offer back something that is to the greater good of the community, but I have a real problem with projects that are a simple situation of poor planning or lack of funds to complete the project. I’ve worked too many late nights to raise the money for a shop improvement, or something that I felt I needed. The whole thing reminds me of Popeye’s friend Wimpy whose famously quoted line was: “I’ll gladly pay you tomorrow for a hamburger today.”


I believe Wimpy would say “I’ll gladly pay you Wedensday for a hamburger today.”. I know, a minor distinction.
Great analogy!

Still not an accurate quote of Wimpy, but close.

“I’ll gladly pay you Tuesday for a hamburger today”


Your language and anger directed at Gerald is entirely inappropriate for the Briarpress forum. I hope those who monitor and control Briarpress will revoke your privileges. What you have posted is not for the good of order.

I have always considered excess use of vulgar language as indicative of a limited vocabulary, the inability to express oneself, and generally a lack of intellect.

Swearing is in poor taste, but after all it is just a word and has been in use since the 14th century. Not a defense certainly, and I agree, there are so many other wonderful words that can be used to express a similar epithet.

Looking up J. Wellington Wimpy on the all knowing, all seeing Wikipedia:
His best-known catchphrase started in 1931 as “Cook me up a hamburger. I’ll pay you Thursday.” In 1932, this then became the famous “I’ll gladly pay you Tuesday for a hamburger today”. This phrase is now commonly used to illustrate fiscal irresponsibility and still appears in modern comedies such as The Drew Carey Show and The Office.
Wimpy had other frequently used lines in the original comic strip. On some occasions, Wimpy tries to placate someone by saying “I’d like to invite you over to my house for a duck dinner.” He then moves away quickly to a safe distance and yells, “You bring the ducks!”

Yeah, kinda like that. It’s been 30+ years since I watched a Popeye cartoon, the mind tends to wander…


Sure it’s just a word, one that many kids got their mouths washed out with soap, for saying it back in the day.

It sure is a different day.

I was off by a day…


Girl with a kluge, i can still taste the soap.

I used the word bloody and my mum rubbed it in my teeth (soap) , rebellion is a wonderful thing i swear like a docker .

Peter, i’m telling your mom you used that word again!!!

I bet Albert Einstein, Steve Jobs, Bill Gates and other successful, intelligent people never cursed. Never. Not once.

I bet every single one of the people pretending to have a problem with my cursing on here have cursed. The vocabulary word for those people would be hypocrite. There are no children on this forum, and my language is absolutely common and suitable for adult audiences.

The real point is, I started this topic to post a link to a project that involves letterpress printing. Clicking on it is optional, backing the project is optional. All these people here have these great mothers that washed their mouths out with soap, but apparently they don’t have one that taught them “If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all.”

Was there really any need for me to be attacked and called “pathetic” for posting a link to a creative project? Stop being hung up on the vernacular and open your eyes to the real issue here.

Or don’t, and go have sexual intercourse with yourself. Better?

Fierce disagreement is always welcome here, but please remember to keep it civil.

The act of sharing creative work takes guts, and earns my respect, even if the work may have narrow appeal. If its style or technique offends, we may, at least, embrace the marvelous fact that letterpress suits a wide range of contexts and tastes, and connects people who might have little else in common.

Many of you on this thread have been building those connections here at Briar Press for a long time. Thank you for all of your contributions.