C&P 23” Manual Cutter blades

I am about to set up my 23” paper cutter and was wondering anyone knew of any companies that sold blades for this cutter
or any good companies that sharpen dull blades. I am located in Sandusky Ohio about a hour west of Cleveland. I have attached a photo of the manufacters plate.


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This is probably it, but you should take measurements to be sure.

Finding a local sharpener will be more affordable, but it can help to have a spare blade.

Daniel Morris
The Arm Letterpress
Brooklyn, NY

Finding someone local may be cheapest/easiest, but you could probably ship to someone. I’ve used Ace Grinding:


who used to pick-ups and drop-offs in NYC but by the time I contacted them, they had moved out to NJ and said it was just as easy to ship the blades. I had one old blade, I sent it to them, they grinded (ground?) it and sold me a new one, sent them both back. Now next time I need to swap I just send the dull one.