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Hi all,

I’m looking for a new blade for my Miller & Richards paper cutter (pictured) - I’ve just got it to my studio and unfortunately it is bladeless. The person I got the cutter from turned his shop upside down but couldn’t find the blade.

I was wondering if anyone know of a reputable company in the UK who could machine a new blade for me for this machine. I’m aware this is probably a non-standard size, so I think that’s the route I need to go down. I’ve had a look through the yellow pages but couldn’t find anyone that boasted this particular service.

I’m guessing I’ll need to give an accurate drawing, based upon the aperture in which the blade sits, with bolt holes etc. This is fine for me to do, I have some calipers to hand. Is there anything in particular I should look out for/detail or request?

I’ve also got a big block of aluminium to put under the blade as there is a distinct lack of any safety features, and I like my fingers!

Al the best, and thanks in advance for your advice (again)

image: cutter.jpg


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Try Norman Haynes in Bradford:

They were going to make a blade for my old manual guillotine which looked very similar to yours, but I ended up selling it and getting something a bit more modern (and accurate).

Failing that, I’m sure Peter Luckhurst will have a few recommendations before long!

Where is Peter lately, hope he is all right. My theory is he is in the olympics, and has been training the last couple of weeks.

news on Peter-lost his broadband connection, getting it set up again I believe-saw him 10 days ago, then next Sunday at Amberley museum Printshop, hope there aren’t too many Heidelberg problems in the meantime-will tell him how much we all miss him thanks for sentiments Dick…………….H f Rochat in Barnet London also have lots connections re guillotine blades, Leon used to change them on huge industrial machines apparently.

Hi There,
I use Mike Wakefield at Wakefield Machinery. He’s very reliable and can recommend makers and sharpeners.

Perfect - thanks for the recommendations all, I’m going to get in touch with all of the above to hear their thoughts. I’ll keep you posted on my progress!

Thanks agin,

I have a cutter at least as old as yours and have cut down other cutter blades to work - finding a blade of the right thickness and close to the same height, length isn’t an issue as long as it is longer than the blade you need. Just thinking like a yankee.

Dearest uncle Dick G , sadly i am not an olympian just a victim of circumstance struggling to keep head above water , ie i had to decide which came first foood or phone and tjhe i net is part of that in my case so food won !!.
I am now getting back to work and the bills are paid so hopefully i will be able to annoy everyone again !
It may have escaped your attention but i had a miss hap in february am now getting fit enough to go back to work as opposed to fit to be an olyympiian , however it seems that the american teams are butt wiping with our folks at present and likely to be showing that we aint so great after all .!!