C and P parts


first off know it would not be hard to make
would like original part

its for a C&P 8 by 12 new style

need two of the four cap washers
that hold the long connecting rods
in place

have called Churchman no joy
yours truly

image: L1000222.JPG


image: L1000223.JPG


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Contact this company, they have a c&p 8x12 ns they are parting out! http://www.binderytools.com/

I also need one original for a 10x15. Let me know if you find anything Lobster Shift

Binderytools.com is nice for small things but their prices on presses and larger things are extremely over priced

I bought a couple of presses from them a while back for a project. The price on what I bought was the same as what I had paid at Letterpress Things. They’ve had some good presses listed at reasonable prices, but the best have already sold. I think some of what is sitting there is priced high, but it is still worth watching to see what gets listed in the future.

I regret not jumping on the Pearl Oldstyle #3 they had listed not too long ago. It was pretty cheap and I really like working on those!


Yeah for sure Dan! Ive missed out on a couple good things they had, I just need to keep an eye on them a little better. The early bird gets the warm right ha

Hello Ink and Hammer

what are the dimensions
of your cap washers

8 by 12 NS washers
ID a hair over 1/2 inch
OD is 2 1/16 inch

yours truly


I will pull some dimensions with the one I have at the shop tonight and get back to you Mac!


still no joy finding original part


after searching around net
going to try dock washers
more or less same dimensions

InkandHammer will let you know if they work

yours truly

hello all

yes dock washers do the job
not as pretty as original part
but work

yours truly