Responding to an ad.

I am interested in the Heidelberg with the gold boss unit. How do I respond to this ad

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also how do I get in touch with the people that make the gold boss unit.

If you wish to respond to an ad, click on the subject line of the ad to see the details of the ad. At the bottom of the ad after the word “Contact”, you will see the username of the person who wrote the ad. Click on this link and you will receive an email form. The form will show only your username and the username of the person you wish to contact. When you have written your message, click “Send e-mail.”

In this new upgrade, for added security, email addresses are not displayed, but the system will send your message to the address that corresponds to the contact username. When the person replies, you will receive his or her email address. If the person does not wish to reply, such as in messages that appear to be scams, the email address remains private. Hope this helps.

Thank You for the info