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To the developers of this site:

I’d love to see some syndication available for the discussion board and classified listings—is there any hope for RSS feeds in the future? Drupal has an RSS aggregator, and there are plenty of supplement modules available here:

It would certainly help me participate more responsively in the discussions, and stay abreast of the wants and needs of the community at large.


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Talk about a proactive message: it comes complete with a link to the relevant Drupal module page.

Thank you, Tyler. Syndication is definitely on my list. Here’s my trouble: there are about 100 other improvements on the top of that list, too. And I don’t even use a news reader, so the wonders of RSS feeds remain somewhat vague to me.

I’m almost finished with the new Cuts & Caps department. A new Museum will follow, along with some other new sections, but these will carry us right into the summer.

Syndication shouldn’t be too hard, and maybe with your help I can get to it sooner. Looks like you have some experience with Drupal’s RSS modules. If there’s anything you can tell me that will ease the process of adding syndication to the site, I’m paying attention. (Apologies in advance if I’m slow to respond: grad school consumes most of my time.)

email me at [email protected] and I’ll see what I can do. I have been on admin teams for drupal projects before.

Eric, I second this feature request. Getting notified via RSS about discussions would make the site about a thousand times more useful to me.

RSS is one of those things that is somewhat hard to explain the value of until you use it, but I can’t imagine how I got along without it now. I started only following a few feeds in my RSS reader (I use newsgator online from work, which syncs with NetNewsWire for the mac at home), but now I currently follow over 1000 blogs and news sources in my RSS reader, daily. There’s no way i could do that if I had to remember to check all 1000 sites individually.