Cut & Caps

Congratulations on bringing the Cuts & Caps archive into the new site design. I feel like the title image contrasts too severely with the scheme of the rest of the site. Anyone else feel this way? Some constructive comments: move away from the gradient. maybe a stronger weight for the “cuts” and “caps”?

Also, I for one would appreciate a compressed file so that we might download the entire library :)

Good work, glad to see you’re keeping your head above water with all your other responsibilities. Let me know if you need help.

Keoxa Printers’ Guild

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Tyler, Sorry to take so long to respond to your your comment, but our “technical and design department” is finishing grad school in a few weeks and is unable to spend time on Briar Press.

Your comment is welcome but I can not adequately address it myself. All I can say is that each new part of the site is designed and constructed in light of what is projected for the completed site. Adding sections piece by piece as we have had to do for a variety of reasons, may look out of place without the context of the entire site. Your comment is valid and we will keep it in mind. Please check back and let us know what you think when the site upgrade is complete.