10 x 13 windmill stopping

After running press about 1,500 impression press speed slows almost to stop.
Only happens when feeding paper, not feeding and on impression no speed change.
Not over packed doesn’t help to back off impression.

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Make sure it is completely oiled. Especially check the green bolt on the inside of the flywheel. It’s easily missed and can bring the press to a grinding halt.


Is the motor slowing? I’ve had that happen but it was only when something was wrong in the electric system. Any possibility the motor is over heating?

@dicharry I’ve never oiled the green bolt on the inside of the flywheel, do you have to release it to add oil?

Yep. The bolt comes out and oil is added. Don’t overdo it. It’s an annual oiling point I believe. I’ve only seen one or two bolts that were green and not entirely caked with oil and paper dust. But the green paint should be visible when you scrub off some of te grime. I find it’s easiest to get to the bolt from the underside/back of the flywheel.

Hope that helps.


Could you post a picture? I never knew about that oil point. Is that for both the 10x15 and 12x18?

i never heard of that oil point before, i checked my 10x15s and both have it, although the bolts are not green, i’ve only been running these presses since around 1980, maybe its time to oil them.

my older windmill from the 50’s hesitates every time you pull the clutch, i’ve oiled everything but nothing helps, i tried that green bolt and it stopped the hesitation. How many more green bolts are hidden????

@dicharry thank you so much for the green bolt tip, my Heidelberg seems very grateful too.

This is new to me too! I’ve cleaned in that area many times but it never occurred to me it was an oiling point.

@Girl with a Kluge, The 13 x 18 also has it.

If it moves it needs oil ! Admittedly i dont oil it often enough .
There is a more easjly overlooked oil point at the back of the press on the air / vacuum pump as well as one on the lip of the back trapdoor , yellow on pump or just a little nub of pipe and a red nipplet at the base of the door opening these two i miss as the position my machine is in means i cant get round it ! I keep promising myself i will count them all , i have got to 46 and lost count !

Dick and Nturpin: Glad this helped your press. Good to keep these beasts going as long as we can. The bolt is located on the interior collar of the flywheel.

Girl with a Kluge: Here’s a photo facing the press looking between the frame and the flywheel.

image: bolt.jpg


Ah, now i wonder if that might be the reason my flywheel is making some rather nasty grinding noises at most speeds (although there is a magic point where it doesn’t). I’ve been meaning to ask if someone knew what it might be. Have to go find that oil point now and check.
Thanks dicharry!

Thank you for posting the picture! I know what I will be doing Monday morning :)

Peter would confirm probably after I checked Amberley museum’s H., green is 6 month intervals

As dickg mentioned, how many more hidden green ones are there?

This green bolt discovery has me wondering how many other “green bolts” exist in life.

Take that mysterious light switch that doesn’t seem to connect to anything. It might not be a bad idea to flip it every six months for good measure.


That mysterious switch connects to the garbage disposal that the previous owners never got around to putting in. At least that’s my experience.

As for other green bolts… I don’t know of any off the top of my head. This is the ONE that I know 99% of people either don’t know about or forget about on a semi-annual basis.


May be because you only find it when the flywheel stops with it uppermost ? You could say the same of the cups in the back of the press you dont see them in certain positions either.

i can’t find the mysterious switch, is it near the flywheel??? i think i located the garbage disposal, is it under the washup unit???

Nick T
Your heidelberg is only half the age !!!

My old ‘47 windmill does not have that green bolt. Any more out there, that are sans bolt?

it seems like there isn’t much stuff made in 1947 that is still working, right James!!!!

Thanks for this post. I was getting a little hesitation on startup, didn’t know bout the green bolt…gave er some oil and now much smoother!

Yes Peter mine is a sprightly ‘73, hopefully has many years left in here now she’s had a few replacement bits. I love these machines I want to buy everyone I see advertised, just to give them a good home.

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