Vandercook Composing Room Cylinder

As of last Friday, my boss has asigned me the job of putting back together the disassembled Vandercook Composing Room Cylinder we have here in our shop. I have been having a hard time locating pictures of this model. Does anyone have any photos of it, or dare I say, any instruction manuals for it? There is a plack on the side of it with the patent numbers, they are as follows:
1042848 Oct. 29, 1912
1076084 Oct. 21, 1913
1100409 June 16, 1914
1120868 Dec. 15, 1914

If anyone has any info of on this press please let me know. Thanks a bundle.

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My dad, Al Meers, may have just what you need. Give him a call at:
(773) 227-8442. ===Anita


You might want to post this on

That is where the Vandercook folks hang out.


Good idea, Gerald. I’ll do that. Thanks.

Claire, I, too, have just been given a #17 Vandercook. Were you at all successful in tracking down a manual?

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I have a Model 17 awaiting restoration. When I first got it Fritz Klinke of NA Graphcs was very helpful with some information and provided me with a copy of the original directions. It’s only a single page but does contain valuable information. I’d be glad to send you a pdf file of it if you’d like. Email me at [email protected]


Front Room Press
Milford, NJ

Would you be willing to send me the pdf file of that as well? My email is: [email protected].

I never tracked down a manual, but Paul Moxon was able to find a parts list which he e-mailed me, would you like me to e-mail that to you?

No problem; it’s on the way.