Where to set the rollers when not in use.

I am just wondering where the rollers should rest when not in use.

We use C&P’s and My boss is telling us to keep them off the inking plate,

while I have read that the rollers should stay up so as to not put strain on the spring.

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Little Sparrow,If your boss says to put them on the moon and signs your paychech
you should do it.He is right about not leaving the rollers on the ink disc,it will create a flat spot.
Again his press his rollers do it his way. Best james

thanks james… you are right…she will have it her way.

Thanks for your response.

Ideally, rollers should be removed from the press and stored, upright, in a well-oiled wood box constructed for that specific purpose. That aside, and to return to the practical world, rollers should be positioned mid-way of the bed. (Empty, of course, of forme). This position will alleviate stress upon the saddle springs - as you correctly identify - nor will it cause flattening as your employer notes. A caveat to all this centers upon the trucks. Should they be other than metal, leaving them idled on the press will create problems with the roller’s smooth movements. Hence, my opening sentence stands. Hey, if letterpress were simple, it would be called computerwand. In my opinion.