Linotype Video

Hi -

We are working on our new website. Still need to add our work photos and more content/product pages. But, we just added a couple videos that I thought some BP users might be interested in.

The video covers the use of Linotype/Intertype and I had not previously viewed it before we acquired it.

Please let me know if you have any issue viewing!

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Hello phasetwo,

Wow! That is the best video on linecasters I have ever seen. It makes the process understandable even for those of us who are not mechanical engineers. I am completely in awe. It’s no wonder Edison called the Linotype “the eighth wonder of the world.” I’m passing the links on to a couple of mechanical engineering students I know.

Thanks so much for including the film on your website, which, by the way, is terrific. I especially like your “Resources” section — excellent articles, and I really appreciate the references.


Hi Barbara,

Thank you so much for the feedback on the video. We had hoped that others would find the video as informative as we did.

I also appreciate your kind feedback regarding our site! Coming from someone who has a Vandercook #4 overlooking the Pacific Ocean… that means a lot!! :)