Dealing with spam in the future

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Here, I thought I’d open this thread up to see some copper cuts of racy scenes. Wishful thinking.

I think, like many other internet forums, Briarpress needs a flag system and a set of ‘hall monitors’ who are given limited Admin privileges to restrict and limit posts such as this in the case of obvious SPAM and inappropriate posting from non-letterpress interested ‘members’.

It would also possibly help if, when you are beginning a new post, a CAPTCHA system was implemented. Even for members. I don’t remember if the CAPTCHA is used for actual membership/screen name basis, but I wager it is?

Hi Haven Press,

At the moment, the CAPTCHA is shown only to people who are not logged in, for example on the Contact page.

We do need to rethink our spam barrier. Your ideas sound spot on. Flagging would help enormously. We’ve also been thinking about sharing admin privileges.

All of this falls under the heading of updating the site, a subject I’ll be talking more about in the coming weeks.

I’ve mentioned this before, but from my experience moderating an active web forum with 7k+ members one of the easiest ways to cut down on this type of spam is to require approval for all posts and to remove the moderation after the first valid post. In other words, a spammer can join and post but it won’t go through, just wait in a queue where a moderator will see it, delete it and trash the account. If the post is legit, approve it and remove moderation from the user.

Excellent idea Widmark. I love it. Thank you.


On the whole I think Briar is excellent at dealing with spam, well done guys for coping in this battle which will only get worse/more intense-Christie Newell of mtsu printmaking had an awful time and site had to close for quite a while, not checked it out for ages.

It’s not perfect, but it helps. Hope it works out and I agree that adding a few truly trusted dependable and web-savvy users with limited moderation privileges would be helpful. What I did in that case is have the understanding that if something wasn’t clear whether it should go through, the bonus mods would just leave it, not allow or kill it, so that the primary mods can make the call.

Widmark’s suggestions seem very very sensible to me, and I also want to note- this is all suggestion from me, not criticism; you guys are doing a great job. I wanted to make known my appreciation for your efforts and for keeping this community available, I’m not sure my first post above showed enough gratitude for that. You’re doing us all a great service and I say Kudos.

I have no comment about spam but thought this was as good as any time to pass on my appreciation to the site managers as well!

I believe (I am old-ish and forgetful) that I gave a contribution when I first joined up because I realized the value of the site. If I didn’t I meant to and will, again, give a little as time goes along. It is sometimes difficult to remember whom I have supported. (Maybe I should build a spreadsheet?)

Also, if I ever sell anything a percentage should go to the site, as I read in another posting. I hadn’t thought of that but it makes perfect sense.

I know heartfelt “Thanks You’s” are nice but some money, occasionally, to pay the bills has meaning as well.

My simple point being that we all read the site and a little cash in support is a good way to say “Thanks” as well as the heartfelt words.

I am not chiding anyone; I am merely pointing out the obvious and, knowing many of us aren’t as young as we once where, the fact that forgetfulness often gets in the way of good intentions! (At least for me, anyway.) No offense meant towards anyone!